Baby on the way & women’s health care under siege

January 6, 2007

Baby on the way

My wife is 4 months pregnant and we have been busy going to the doc and buying Christmas presents for all our relatives and such, so posting has been erratic. Trust me, I have a whole bunch of news to lined up, but my wife is always nagging at me, “what are you writing so much about in that computer of yours?”

In the mean time, go read the article Life Support for Feminist Health Care? by RH Reality Check, about the closing of Seattle’s Aradia Women’s Health Care Center (AWHC):

In its history, Aradia provided more than 54,000 women with abortion and gynecological health care services, trained more than 1,000 medical students in abortion care and served as a sort of public health prep-school for hundreds of staff women and volunteers. Aradia incorporated outreach, education and state-level legislative advocacy into its work, and became one of Washington State’s most energetic advocates for women’s health. Aradia helped pass the Washington State Reproductive Privacy Act (our state’s version of Roe v. Wade ), worked to advocate for the development of a viable microbicide for women worldwide, labored to keep Washington pharmacists from obtaining the right to refuse emergency contraception prescriptions, and all the while strove to destigmatize abortion for all women. AWHC was a remarkable force with which to be reckoned for more than three decades.

I know I’m not supposed to get on a pedestal, but when it comes to women’s health, at least my wife married a man who does not have the caveman, Bush-like type of mentality that seems to dominate the U.S. today. Of course, I’m a medical student that wants to be a pediatrician (with gynecologist a distant second place) so it’s easy, at least for myself, to worry about all this “women’s stuff”, because I strongly care about it. It’s going to be a part of my job, so if I want to be a good doctor I need to do more than just pretend that I care about the single mom that will come to my office asking for the professional, humane treatment that all patients deserve… unless you’re Dick Cheney, in which case you can go fuck yourself I would refer Mr. Cheney to a physician that’s glad to treat him.

Numerous postings coming very soon!