Nicaraguan activists bid to block abortion bill

January 11, 2007

I don’t know if you have heard about this, but Nicaragua just passed a law that absolutely prohibits women from having an abortion, even for rape victims and even if it is medically necessary. People in Nicaragua are fighting back:

MANAGUA, Jan 8 (Reuters) – Human rights activists in Nicaragua on Monday asked the Supreme Court to block a controversial law that bans abortions for rape victims and women who risk dying in childbirth.

They urged the Central American nation’s top court to declare the law, which was passed in October and went into effect last year, as unconstitutional on grounds it violates “fundamental rights and principles.”

Nicaraguan lawmakers approved the bill with support from two right-wing parties and leftist legislators from the Sandinista party of Daniel Ortega, the president-elect who takes office on Wednesday.

Sandinista legislators backed the bill, also sought by Nicaragua’s powerful Roman Catholic Church, only a week before presidential elections to avoid alienating church leaders and religious voters.