Iraqi Couple Finds Love Amid the Violence

Courting in Baghdad

For the right-wing critics who shout, “but what about all the good news from Iraq the liberal media does not talk about?”, here is one for ya:

BAGHDAD – Amid the carnage of Baghdad, romance can still be found in the eyes of two young Iraqis, who first exchanged glances through their kitchen windows.

Living in different apartment buildings – but only 10 yards away as the potato flies – the coquettish Fatima and the persistent Bashar launched a bumpy 15-month courtship.

“She was cooking in the kitchen. I was cooking, too, and I saw her – it was love at first sight,” says Bashar, clearly elated over his recent engagement to Fatima, the oldest daughter of matriarch Karima Selman Methboub, a sturdy Iraqi widow with eight children whom the Monitor first profiled in 2002.

This tightknit family has been feeling the brunt of the war (by one count, 16 nearby bombings in a three week span) but like many Iraqis they are too poor to flee. In recent months, they have been blessed by the engagements of two daughters, yet buffeted by a string of car bombs which prompted a rare neighborhood candlelight vigil to “challenge the terrorists.”

I hope with all my heart that they can live happily ever after, in a world without violence.

2 Responses to Iraqi Couple Finds Love Amid the Violence

  1. Only the dead have seen the end of war. “Plato”

  2. bob says:

    How is this a story? People falling in love? I would dare say that there were marriages in the Ghetto in Poland. Good for these two, but hardly a news story.

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