Women: wear chastity belts to prevent sex-crimes

Postings have been quite slow around here… have been busy studying and fighting a nasty URTI. I’m afraid postings will suffer in the next couple of months, at least until June, when my baby is born.

But on with another story. Normally I roll my eyes and don’t bother with asinine stories, but this one is just too much:

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia – Women should wear chastity belts to prevent rape, incest and other sex crimes, a prominent Islamic cleric in northern Malaysia was quoted as saying Friday.

Abu Hassan Din Al Hafiz, speaking in the northern state of Terengganu, said chastity belts could protect women from a growing number of sex crimes in Malaysia, The Star newspaper reported.

The best way to avert sex perpetrators is to wear protection,’ Abu Hassan told a crowd of followers. My intention is not to offend women but to safeguard them from sex maniacs.’

Yes Mr. Cleric, women must wear chastity belts… is it too much to ask to educate the men over there that women should not be raped? I’m using the word “men” loosely here, people who rape women and children are beasts, not humans. This seems to be a concept that men worldwide don’t get: you CANNOT rape a women just because you feel like it. It is in the books you morons – rape somebody and you are going to jail, pure and simple. And if a woman is raped, it is NOT her fault:

Religious leaders in Malaysia’s conservative north have in the past blamed sexual attacks on women wearing provocative clothing and make up.

Just in case you don’t know what a chastity belt is, here is a pic. I’m sure the cleric won’t mind.

Chastity Belt


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  1. Babson says:

    If men are so weak of will and feeble minded, victims of their rampant sex drives, then perhaps THEY should be wearing the chastity belts.

    Similary, if the mere sight of a woman is enough to drown them in testosterone, then perhaps THEY should cover themselves, wear blinkers and walk around with their gaze towards the ground.


  2. Fred says:

    This is pretty funny. Am I supposed to be outraged because of what a Muslim cleric in Indonesia says? Just to be expected I feel.

    I remember when British feminists were calling for ALL young men to be forcibly castrated (after donating a sperm sample of course) to protect women. At that time it was debated by feminists like it was a legit proposal to address the problem of rapists.

    No one has a monopoly on gross stupidity…

  3. Don’t forget the ball gag. Where the vagina is left wanting the mouth is left waiting. Don’t want the women to corrupt the innocent men that way.

  4. truly.equal says:

    Thanks for the comments. As for the outrate, note that I started the post with “normally I roll my eyes and don’t bother with asinine stories…”. In other words, yes, it is from stupid jerk, but people actually listen to this jerk. Think Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly – people outside the U.S. know these guys are stupid jerks who should not be taken seriously, but some in the U.S. (like the mainstream media!) do take what these morons say seriously. So there you go!

  5. Jeff Ventura says:

    That’s religious thinking for you — deal with the symptom while leaving the root cause of the problem unchanged.


    Good post.

  6. One thing I have always wondered about chastity belts – how are you supposed t go to the bathroom with one of those on? Do you have to go find the guy with the key every time you need to pee. Also, who even has the key? Isn’t it supposed to be kept by the father or something? How does this protect women from incest?

    The stupidity of this person just made my IQ drop.

    • Warren Pond says:

      Chastity belts have a urination slit or perforations in the shield so the wearer can urinate.
      Keys to the belt should be kept by a responsable person.

  7. teetwoh says:

    As an ex Malaysian, let me tell you these guys are … wait for it… serious about their stupidity. This sort of rubbish spills out from their mouths all the time. And, the non muslims arent allowed to roll their eyes and ignore/laugh. Well, maybe privately they can. I’m sure they still do.

  8. Agent KGB says:

    That’s ridiculous. Should people also barricade themselves in their houses 24-7 to keep from being mugged and hide their money under their mattress to prevent white-collar crime at banks? Of course not, you don’t blame the victim.

  9. abu ameerah says:

    lets all become RepubliCONS and just kill the Muzzies!

    that’ll teach em….

  10. Actually .. the more I read this … the more I think it is an admission that it is not women’s fault and the wearing of provocative clothing etc, the fault lies with the male sex drive and he has identified that. That has got to be a good start, yes? The suggestion of wearing chastity belts although not ideal, could be a temporary solution to make aware the seriousness of the situation and start a campaign to educate them. Of course, sex crimes aren’t always about sex, and to do with the power and where one door closes another opens as an outlet for that aggression.
    I’m all for ‘chemical castration’ … most know that antidepressants suppress sexual desire … what a good solution .. the only problem is getting those with the problem to believe it is a problem and actually take the medication. Maybe it could be ordered to be administered in an injection that lasts three months for example, along with regular counseling. Of course, sexual desire is no sin … but there are many for whom excess sexual desire is a problem and would welcome the chance to have it dampened … what do you think about that?

  11. maggie says:

    what a balderbash idea. a sex maniac is a sex maniac and no chastity belts can make them stop.

    thats window dressing the problem, not minimizing or eradicating it. sighs.

  12. mannabozo says:

    Wow. In 2007 this is happening. In 2007 a “religious leader” somewhere is suggesting this. The world has really not come far at all, has it?

    And here, this question, @ Fred, “I remember when British feminists were calling for ALL young men to be forcibly castrated (after donating a sperm sample of course) to protect women. At that time it was debated by feminists like it was a legit proposal to address the problem of rapists.” – is this true? Did this really happen in England?!

  13. Peggy Archer says:

    I’ll second not being able to believe that people in the 21st century are still harboring these stupid ideas about women.

    How about only allowing men who hold ideas like this to leave the house with an escort to ensure the safety of all surrounding women?

  14. oops, sorry, forgot to close my link.

  15. Seeker says:

    It’s not just “people in the 21st century” who advocate such nonsense, it’s a specific group of muslim extremists who would like to turn all of the modern world into the primitive patriarchal societies that their religions originally flourished under. To them, it is ordained by their faith that God created women as inferior and to be subjugated by their male masters, be it brother or father beforer marriage, and husband afterwards. Particularly enlightening is one portion of the koran that details a story of when muhammed went to heaven and hell, and described what he saw. He described that in heaven it was mostly men, and in hell almost exclusively women. As he told his followers, the women asked why this would be, and he replied that it was because of woman’s inherent lack of intelligence and tendency to nag their husbands.

    With this in mind, it is not surprising to see such ridiculous concepts as the chastity belt or blaming the woman for rape. I am in no way trying to insult this particular faith, and am merely pointing out concepts agreed upon by most muslims. I urge you to do the research, and you will reach the same conclusions. The reference is Volume 7, Book 62, Number 126 of the Hadeeth Sunna.

  16. iabhopal says:

    Just by dint of chance I opened your blog. The post being attractive is proved by more than a dozen spontaneous comments.

    The idea of cleric has no support of Islamic ideology. The matter needs to be delt with under Islamic injunctions, that is to remove root cause and implement the punishment which is very severe.

  17. heliconia says:

    truly equal, from where did u copy the news, was it from AP, Agensi, Reuteurs and the like. The statement brought a temporary uproar..it was just another provocation by a llocal newspaper….and the cleric wasn’t talking to agroup of followers..it was a discussion forum aired LIVE by the government TV…and didn’t watch it myself, because the islamic forum programme is known to be boring and old-fashioned..

    But you should read this.

    ‘Let men wear chastity belts, instead’!!!!!!
    17 Feb 2007

    KUALA LUMPUR: A day after creating an uproar among women across the country, a well-respected Islamic religious figure said that his comments on chastity belts for women was just a joke.
    Joke aje. It was not seriously meant,” said Datuk Abu Hassan Din Al-Hafiz yesterday.

    Newspapers had carried reports yesterday that Abu Hassan, a well known ulama, had said women should wear chastity belts to thwart rape and incest and “to protect themselves from sex maniacs”.

    At a Maal Hijrah forum in Kampung Pelandan, Hulu Terengganu, Abu Hassan had told the audience that “the best way for women to avert sex perpetrators is to wear protection”.

    He also said that while his intention was not to offend women, by wearing chastity belts, husbands could also feel more secure, adding “if you know what I mean”.

    However, he changed his tune yesterday and said his comments at the forum were not meant to be a suggestion.

    “It’s not practical to wear a chastity belt in this day and age. It can’t be done.”

    In an immediate response to yesterday’s news reports, Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil said the government was not interested in an idea from the pre-Islamic age of “jahiliyah” (ignorance).

    She said it was more important for Muslims to have a stronger faith.

    “It is better to have a steel-like iman (faith) rather than wearing the belt. If a person is bent on doing it (rape), he would find a way to do it even if one’s whole body is covered with metal,” she said.

    Jemaah Islah Malaysia chief Dr Harlina Halizah Siraj said it was an insensitive suggestion.

    “The comment was very much outdated. We have to change the mindset that any violence against women is caused by women themselves.”

    She also hoped Abu Hassan would withdraw his statement and apologise to the public.

    Malacca Islamic religious department enforcement head Rahimin Bani said wearing chastity belts to prevent rape was not the right way.

    “If the rapist already has the intention to do it, he will do whatever it takes to do it.”

    Such a comment seems to imply that women want to permit the rape and therefore have to be constrained, said Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism vice-president Harcharan Singh.

    “Why blame the women?” he asked.

    Women’s organisations also felt Abu Hassan had indirectly insulted the male gender.

    “His comment gives an impression that all men are beasts of passion,” said Women’s Aid Organisation executive director Ivy Josiah.

    Such sexist comments from influential leaders shows the need for gender desensitisation programmes, she added.

    Sisters in Islam (SIS) concurred with Josiah on Abu Hassan’s insult to men.

    “We hope he realises that he is definitely insulting all men by suggesting women have to be restrained because men are incapable of controlling their lust,” SIS said in a Press statement.

    “Why don’t these people suggest instead that the men wear chastity belts?” asked National Council of Women’s Organisation president Datuk Dr Sharifah Hapsah Syed Hasan Shahbudin

  18. raiderboy says:

    thinking girl has a great product there. There should be a badge that you wear also when having one of those in you. That will deter the bad boys.

  19. EelKat says:

    You know what’s ever weirder? Search Google for chastity belts and you’ll come up with group here in the USA, that not only promote the wearing of chastity belts, but they are groupd of women who wear them because they think they are “sexy”.

    I agree with an earlier poster… What do you do if they guy that has the key is gone to work? How do you pee than?

    Weird. Just plain wierd.


  20. Jeany says:

    Serious comment or not, rape is a crime of power and domination, and a rapist who encounters a barrier may simply choose another way to harm his victim.

  21. dropping_bye says:

    yeah, the rapist may bring along a steel cutting tool device, whenever you go, battery operated maybe

  22. 2jay says:

    This suggestion from Mr Cleric is absurd. Seems to me he was trying to market the product.

  23. FavoTube says:

    Thanks for the post lol

  24. cwazycajun says:

    I can almost see james dobson gettin all tingly in his lil nub at the idea of bringin this idea to the women of america cause as we all know its always the womans fault when us guys cant control ourselves

  25. dropping_bye says:

    copied from a a malaysian newspaper….

    FOR once, the religious authorities of Terengganu have got it right – chastity belts can indeed thwart rape and incest.

    However, considering that most rapists are men, it is only logical that the ones who need to be “chastity” controlled should be men, not women.

    I’m sure the religious authorities can invent a chastity belt for men, which should restrict the movement of certain appendages down there, but with a small opening to allow for urination.

    It should be just as comfortable as the one for women. The men’s wives should hold the key of the belt.

    What a brilliant idea! If all men wore chastity belts, then women and children can no longer be raped. I support this idea wholeheartedly. Please implement it immediately.


  26. Since the whole educating the men not to rape in their culture is a long shot, the chastity belt seems the best option for a woman seeking to protect her virginity. How sad when it comes to that.

    -J. Kaiser

  27. blessed1 says:

    I hate that women are being blamed for wanting to wear pretty clothing and a little make-up. Just how crazy are they over there? It is not a woman’s fault for wanting to feel good about herself.

    If the men feel so low that they have to resort to criminal activity, maybe they should be the one’s who have to strap themselves and lock it up….or chop it off!

  28. Carolyn Kay says:

    Does the appropriate part of the belt have a trap door, so as to cut off any offending penis?

    Carolyn Kay

  29. truly.equal says:

    Carolyn… you just took the words right out of my fingers!

  30. newhoosier says:

    This is just another way that people don’t solve the real problem. And I think half of the problem is from repeat offenders. Maybe if legal systems across the world saw this as the penetrative, heinous crime it is, they would do more.

    Plus, in a world where innocent people do get convicted of crimes, I don’t think it’s reasonable to “chop off” anything as has been suggested. Chemical castration is the only sensible choice. Couple that with GPS monitoring, registration, and a “google map”-type application for visually surfing your neighborhood for sex offenders in realtime, and I think you may have a chance to protect women and children.

    Remember ladies, not every man is guilty of such atrocities. Some of us live in a world with respect, where the Golden Rule is the golden rule.

  31. The idea is ridiculous. Many would be rapists could be violent as well. When stopped by a chastity belt the violence might be incited. Besides, I agree, education in the ticket. We don’t realize how fortunate we are to be women in the United States. Our “rights and respect” are so much better than in other countries.

    I had an attempted rape once and was fortunate enough to talk my way out of it. It was by a married man who was also a neighbor. After that I took self-defense, martial arts, and for
    many years carried a weapon where ever I went. This guy was much smaller than I am, and I
    only stand 5’4″ – never forget, men are naturally stronger – even if they are scrawny.

    I think one of the best defenses is walk tall and carry yourself with confidence and a powerful
    feeling. Also be aware of your surroundings. I still always carry a pepper spray. (A really
    great one as it also paints the attacker red for three days, possibly enabling the police to
    catch the person.)

    Be safe, keep a watchful eye.

  32. truly.equal says:


    My thoughts exactly. I mentioned education first, and left out the punitive measures altogether, firstly because if caught the law says they are busted, and secondly, if they get caught then it was after the crime, meaning whatever rehabilitation they get in jail still leaves one woman raped. The idea is to prevent the rape altogether, or at least catch them in the act.

    By the way, can you post a link to that red-staining pepper spray? Thinking of getting my wife one – and why not – one for myself.

  33. Bane says:

    Here’s my pro opinion: The adornment of these fine medieval torture devices will decrease the instances of rape, but increase random beatings. See, when a beastly rapist pulls the pants down, he’ll see that he doesn’t have access, then vent frustrations through his fist. I can’t see an a-hole like that to just see it and be like, “Oh! I see… well, that sucks. Have a nice day! =D”

    It’s not a woman’s fault… it’s not a man’s sex drive that’s at fault… it’s those that have no control that are at fault. How do you discern? You can’t.

    I know techniques to knock a man out (or kill a man)… I think every woman should know these IMHO.

  34. damewigginsoflee says:

    Binding and gagging vajayjays, who’da thunk it?!

  35. qazse says:

    I agree with those who underscore that rape is an act of violence and therefore volatile and irrational. Lack of vaginal penetration will probably do nothing but provoke.

    Who is suggesting it is not the reason for it. Rather, the reason for this mentality is the worldwide culture of violence which we all support in one way or another.

  36. Since education as a solution will take at least a decade (if not more) the best suggestion thus far is women becoming knowledgeable in the means of self-defense. IT is sad it comes to that, but one can’t deny the reality of the world they live in, you must adapt to it.

    -J. Kaiser

  37. Maybe it goes back to parenting also? being consistent about not letting children having their own way all the time, peoples rights and property, self control etc … easier said than done I know.

    Poor impulse control … I haven’t done enough research on this to be able to give a reasonable answer .. maybe someone could and post it here? There may be only psychoanalytically based explanations of this but if anyone else knows about other alternatives to explain .. please indulge us 🙂

  38. Oh ok .. here we go …. the rest of this story comes from here … http://www.healthatoz.com/healthatoz/Atoz/common/standard/transform.jsp?requestURI=/healthatoz/Atoz/ency/impulse_control_disorders.jsp
    (sorry – don’t know how to make a hyperlink)

    Impulse control disorders


    Impulse control disorders are characterized by an inability to resist the impulse to perform an action that is harmful to one’s self or others. This is a relatively new class of personality disorders, and the most common of these are intermittent explosive disorder, kleptomania, pyromania, compulsive gambling disorder, and trichotillomania.


    All of these impulse control disorders involve the loss or lack of control in certain specific situations. The hallmark of these disorders is the individual’s inability to stop impulses that may cause harm to themselves or others. Affected individuals often feel anxiety or tension in considering these behaviors. This anxiety or tension is relieved or diminished once the action is performed.

    Intermittent explosive disorder is more common among men, and involves aggressive outbursts that lead to assaults on others or destruction of property. These outburst are unprovoked or seem to be out of proportion to the event that precedes them.

    Kleptomania is more common among women, and involves the theft of objects that are seemingly worthless. The act of stealing relieves tension and is seen by the individual to be rewarding. The actual stealing is not preplanned, and the concept of punishment for the crime does not occur to these individuals, although they are aware that what they are doing is wrong.

    Pyromania is more common among men, and involves setting fires in order to feel pleasure and relieve tension.

    Pathological gambling occurs in roughly 1-3% of the population, and involves excessive gambling despite heavy monetary losses. These losses actually act as a motivating factor in continuing gambling in order to recoup some of what was lost.

    Trichotillomania involves pulling hair from one’s own scalp, face, or body, and is more common in women. It often begins in childhood, and is often associated with major depression or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.

  39. Cris S. says:

    Excelent post!
    I once wrote a paper on violence against women and was shocked to learn some numbers: in the U.S: every two minutes a woman is raped. The number seems to be even higher in South Africa and France seems to be on top of the list in domestic violence. The figures were much lower in Brazil (where I’m from) because we have very few associations that actually do something to combat violence. Besides that, some women feel they themselves are to blame. They might also feel ashamed that society will reject them. It is a complicated issue that needs a lot of education.
    In many places in the Middle East things get really, really bad. If a girl is raped and any male member of the family learns about it, they will kill her because she has “shamed” the family. This is known as “honor killings”.
    But even though things such as violence are socially constructed (i.e., they will be viewed and dealt with differently in different cultures), I was struck by the numbers in the U.S. That raises an interesting question: even though American women are much more proactive and *will* report the crime, violence is still pretty high. So maybe education is faulty in relation to men? What is society doing to educate men?

    [Obrigada pela visita no publico&privado. Gostei muito do teu blog!!]

    Cris S.

  40. I would warn you Cris against accepting those statistics on their face. Make sure to check the sources behind the stats, because there are A LOT of fudged stat out there.

    When I was writing on this in college I took a few stats printed in national papers about sexual assault and fact checked them. The easiest ones to fact check made claims like, “X number of women are sexually assaulted each year in America. That means Y number every minute are sexually assaulted.” These are easy to check since you do simple math. However, I found 8 out of 10 times that the numbers didn’t add up.

    Also beware of stats about rape based on surveys. Those surveys often contain very biased questions that, if included, lead to a false representation. For example I found one survey (the survey cited in the 1 in 4 women is a victim of sexual assault claim) that considered it rape when a woman consented to sex the night before but LATER regretted it, or when the women was convinced to have sex by being offered drugs or alcohol. Clearly this isn’t what MOST people have in mind when they think of rape.

    That being said, any number of rapes is TOO MANY! But I have a big problem with people who take sensitive issues like this and manufacture false stats in order to drum up anger. The real numbers are infuriating enough.

    I hope you did well on your research paper. 🙂

    -J. Kaiser

  41. Becker says:

    Here’s a better idea as one commenter has already stated why not make men wear the chastity belt ??

    Well lets refine the idea further and say: Why not have the court impose an order requiring the offending male to wear a chastity device?? They are available online, they don’t appear bulky under clothing allowing the offending person to continue their law abiding business. They are comfortable to be worn for extended periods of time without removal, some reports have them being worn 24/7 for months on end. The key could be held by the parole officer. The wearer can urinate freely whilst wearing the device and cleaning is not an issue even whilst being worn.

    Here is a link to the device http://www.cb-2000.com/cb3000.html

    I think this is something law enforcement agency’s should seriously consider looking into. From the punishment side of things while it is comfortable to wear. It not only prevents sexual intercourse it also prevents any sort of masturbation or orgasm by the wearer. A pleasure they can learn to do without as payment for their crime.

    I can’t imagine a rape victim that would have a problem with that idea 🙂

  42. Good idea but I see one problem. Rape is often a crime that is more based in control than sexual urges. So even if the “natural implement” for such a crime in unavailable, that would only mean the use of other similarly shaped objects to inflict the horrid crime. However, I would still support it just for the mere punishment factor.

    -J. Kaiser

  43. kaoteni says:

    Personally, I much prefer a pro-active approach to the problem, such as using RapeX…. the following has been taken from Wikipedia:

    The anti-rape female condom (aka vaginal bear trap, brand name Rapex) was invented by Sonette Ehlers, a South African woman. It is intended to prevent rape by hooking onto an attacker’s penis, hurting and disabling him.

    The device is a latex tube fitted internally with shafts of sharp, inward-facing plastic barbs that could be worn by a woman in her vagina, similar to a tampon. Should an attacker attempt vaginal rape, the penis would be hooked by the barbs, causing the attacker pain and giving the victim time to escape. The condom would remain attached to the attacker’s penis and, according to the device’s creator, could be removed only surgically[citation needed], which would alert hospital staff and police that an attempted rape could have taken place.

  44. c*devotchka says:

    omg, don’t get me started on bitching about those so-called clerics in Malaysia, to be honest, they’re hardliners, borderline extremists and are sadly, very ignorant. either the moderate clerics in Malaysia have a much softer voice or newspapers pick up whatever they wish to.

  45. dropping_bye says:

    you all should read this… about bloggers being taken to court in Malaysia ,by a press company owned by the Prime Minister..is this some kind of dictatorship or something..?.

    has it ever happened elsewhere? just curious..



  46. MJ says:

    If there’s no thought and action of raping women/children/men, then there’s no need for chastity belt, is there?

    Blame the victims, these religious figures.

  47. zaharibb says:

    To get fact right Terengganu is on the East coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is under the rule of the National Front (BN) and the cleric who admitted jokingly suggest women should wear chastity belt is residing in Kuala Lumpur. So both fact have nothing to do with the PAS government who the BN government brand them religious extremist for the sake of political advantage.

  48. heliconia says:

    the cleric is not a politician, this has got nothing to do with extrimist whatsoever, it was a joke forgotten soon enough

  49. Reyanrds says:

    Is that technology… advanced ?? mit be 🙂

    Its high time we can call ourselves animals !!

  50. Well there you go … chastity is just one of the self-imposed rules .. if there were no chastity or honor in being ‘pure’ and virgin-like, or taboos around the sexual act … there would be no anxiety crisis about it being violated. The word rape would be redundant perhaps? We are socially conditioned to believe and react in certain ways according the rules we live by. That is what sets us humans slightly apart from animals maybe?

  51. Alison says:

    As a lady who spends quite some time in a chastity belt, I have also posted about this story in my blog. My man and I explore the outer limits of fun, something that I suspect this Islamic cleric probably has never experienced.

  52. jessmess says:

    Women shouldn’t have to wear chastity belts under any circumstances.

    Women are the ones being raped. So it would be rediculous to punish them for something they did not do.

  53. natucadel says:

    I think is repulsive that a cleric suggests this. Indeed we have a lot of problems with this issue, however leaders and clerics seem to forget that women as humans feel and that having a belt like this will not stop women from being sexually assaulted, up to what point can we judge what it signifies being rape? I think this question raises a lot of issues that many are unable to comprehend, because the psychological assault with or without the belt will still affect women and their rights.

    Is not a matter of stopping men! Or encaging women! But a change in society needs to be taken, were human rights are globally accepted and where countries don’t just ratify to human rights treaties but also put it in law and practice. Surely if Malaysia was really to approve this, it will raise questions of women’s freedom and rights.

  54. Carol Baird says:

    No one has mentioned that in Africa it is so sad that many HIV positive men believe a false idea that if they have sex with a virgin they will be cured of AIDs….many HIV positive men have raped many girls younger and younger…..LET’s talk about education AND prosecuting for attempted murder (maybe life time imprisonment) for anyone who knows they are HIV positive for raping anyone, especially a child.

    Also, recently I heard Judge Judy on Larry King saying that pedeophiles (child molesters) are NEVER cured and she would not want a pedeophile released in her grandchildren’s vicinity so why would she want a pedeophile released on anyone elses’ grandchildren’s vicinity….Does anyone have a sound scientific study about rehabilitation of pedeophiles (I generally believe Judge Judy, but would like to see an independent study.)

    Is the same true for rehabilitation of rapists? Are they ever cured or always a risk for future rapes? Anyone have a study on this one?

    If child molesters and/or rapists cannot be cured, why do we let them out of prison? Seems that would be a better control for past offenders and a better deterent for potential offenders.

  55. truly.equal says:

    I don’t give a hoot about Judge Judy.

  56. Jordy says:

    I did send You an reply, but You seems not to be interesred at all.
    I am sorry to let You know how I feel about this subject.


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  58. Lee_Cheney says:

    Call me a barbarian or the likes but I’m going to have to go with deterrent force. In my opinion the death sentence should be used more often. Like when proven guilty of rape. Nothing says “don’t do this” quite like “you will be killed”.

  59. Bob says:



  60. Awen says:

    I always hate to see certain myths about rape perpetuated:

    1) The victim is not at fault. A rape occurs because a rapist decides to rape someone. Why and how and when they make this decision is as unique and individual as the rapists themselves. Most rape prevention plans fail because they rely on the victim to control a situation over which THEY HAVE NO CONTROL.

    2) Rape is a violent act. It’s not ‘rapists can be violent’, it’s ‘rapists ARE violent’. It involves force, or the threat of it. It’s violent. At the same time, it is not an act that lacks control. It is an act of dominance over another– the only person who does not have control is the victim. It may make us feel better to think of rapists as raging man-beasts, but all that does is displace blame and provide an excuse.

    3) Rape isn’t about sex. It’s not about sex drives or the instinct to procreate or sexual attractiveness. It’s about dominating and controlling another person. It’s about taking from another what they have refused to allow you access to. It’s not uncontrollable lust that motivates it, but a sincere, determined and uncaring sense of entitlement to something that one has no right to.

    Men and women are both capable of great things– we cannot be simplified into savage ‘urges’ and neither can our crimes.

  61. Dennis says:

    It doesn’t matter coz if someone is going to rape you he’ll probably kill you after. With a belt you would just die faster.

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