Global Warming (Cartoon of the Day) & Updates

Should we fear global warming?

(From the excellent Editorial Cartoons of Walt Handelsman, from NewsWeek)

Some updates are coming this week. The structure of this blog is going to be overhauled a bit. It will include a blogroll of all the fine bloggers who have linked me, left comments, or just passed by.

Also, if you notice, the categories section of my blog includes several countries, which I’m going to organize a bit based on regions, i.e. Iraq, Iran, will go under Middle East, African countries under Africa, and so on. This will make the blog easier to navigate.

Finally, I’m going to add a “news section” to the website, where just links to news items on relevant topics – like women’s health and human rights – will be posted. Reading the blog statistics, I notice that most people that visit my blog based on search engine results (Google, Yahoo!, Altavista) are looking for specific information based on my postings (like the number of victims from natural disasters).

You learn, you mature, you grow.

3 Responses to Global Warming (Cartoon of the Day) & Updates

  1. emilyishere says:

    That’s a really sad cartoon. I love the environment and I hate global warming, as many of us do. But it was still funny. 😀

  2. Nice article! You can track all kinds of immigration stats on our site.

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