Planned Parenthood acts on behalf of raped Florida woman

I had just posted about this incident and a day later Planned Parenthood was all over it:

In a matter of 72 hours, a 21-year-old woman in Florida was raped, jailed on an outstanding warrant (for a 2003 juvenile arrest), and blocked from taking emergency contraception because a jail worker had “religious objections” to the medication. This is an absolute outrage. Please act now by rushing the enclosed petition to your state governor to ensure rape survivors in your state are not denied access to emergency contraception.

Be sure to go sign the petition on their webpage, available here.


6 Responses to Planned Parenthood acts on behalf of raped Florida woman

  1. tk says:

    The jail worker claims that her not giving the contraceptive had nothing to do with religious objections. I’ve got no idea if this is true or not. However, I am not the one making claims about the story. You’d do well to verify this aspect before continuing the accusation.

    Other observations:

    The only source quoted for this story is the rape victims lawyer and the police spokeswoman. From extensive experience, I have little to no confidence that the defense attorney is speaking the absolute truth, as opposed to a story “most sympathetic” to his client.

    The police spokeswoman seems to be saying all the right things – “Policies need review”, “the situation seems unjust” etc

    My 2 cents:
    1. IF the cops really suspended all attempts to catch a rapist because the victim had an old warrent, then they need an “administrative suspension”. & retraining.

    2. Regardless of the reason that the jail worker offers, she was (reportedly) a jail “health care worker”. She knew that morning after contraceptives are time critical. She should have pushed thru any wall to get the attention of someone who could have contravened “standard policy”.

    Most important, get the whole story here before rushing to judgement.


  2. truly.equal says:

    I’ll be damned, are you the police department’s lawyer? You gonna sue me?

    The jailworker seems to be the medical supervisor. The police spokeswoman seems to be saying “all the right things” because that is what spokesman/woman are paid to do!

    Also, no offense, but if a woman says she was raped, and shows signs of rape, then you work from that accusation. What extensive experience you have that the defense attorney of a raped women might be lying?

    This stupid, extreme-conservative opinions have really got to stop. “Get all my facts straight before rushing to judgement”… apparently women getting raped and being denied emergency contraception is quite normal in Florida. I can tell you from my experience as a medical student that has worked in hospitals that emergency room doctors do not want to deal with rape victims because it involves going to court, facing the family, accusations, etc.

    Women’s rights are first & foremost, police department’s tarnished reputation are not.

  3. tk says:

    [Comment edited by Truly Equal]

    Buzz off, Mr. Kordis.


    1. Censorship does not become you. It simply makes you appear thin-skinned & venial.

    [I don’t suffer fool’s patience – buzz off.]

    2. Again, toughen up. If you cannot abide criticism, you will not survive in the medical profession.

    [I am tough enough. It’s just that your comments and positions are stupid. The. Woman. Was. RAPED. End of story.]

    4. But growth happens in an environment of open discussion. Or to take the easy, less admirable path, and to simply banish it. Because you can.

    [Your comments are not wise enough to consider them a challenge to the human spirit. They’re simply uninformed trash, smears disguised as polite “critique”. I am plenty grown up – it is the older people that don’t seem to mature that get to me.]

    5. Courage is a massively undervalued characteristic in today’s society. Try it sometime. You’ll come to appreciate it.

    [Here’s some courage for you: screw you and every nutcase who thinks that a woman getting raped somehow has less credibility. This is what requires courage – telling jerks they are jerks. The. Woman. Was. RAPED. End of story.]

    Buzz off.

  4. tk says:


    Too bad you haven’t the courage to post my replies. (No, your “edited comments” don’t make the grade.) For anyone following this thread, you’ve shown yourself to be insecure, childish & cowardly. .

    Too bad you can’t construct a reasoned response. (Sorry, “Buzz off” & “screw you” don’t qualify.) And no, the poor woman’s rape was not the “end of story”. It was, in this sad incident, precisely the “beginning of story”.

    Too bad that you were incapable of understanding that, in every aspect of this event, I came down on the side of the unfortunate woman who says that she was raped.

    Too bad you feel that one crime (rape) justifies another (conviction of the jail worker without verification of the facts in the case).

    Too bad our medical schools have apparently dropped their standards to the point that people incapable of constructing cogent arguments can be accepted.

    Too bad scholastic standards have fallen to the point that med school students don’t realize that using comparative cases (such as “…that a woman getting raped somehow has less credibility…” require something with which to be compared. Less credibility than what, TE?

    “Buzz off.” I’ll be happy to. You have proven yourself a shrill, unthinking harpy unworthy of the slightest continued attention.

    Enjoy your sad little existence. I’ll save my conversation for people capable of rational thought.



    PS. Yeah, I know that you haven’t the courage to post this response either. But two people will know the full content of this failed attempt at a discussion.

  5. truly.equal says:

    I’m quaking in my bones that some creep keeps posting in my blog I’m a living a sad little existence. I hope you got the definition of “buzz off” right this time.

  6. WMDKitty says:

    Who is this tk, and why is he so… petty, mean, and spiteful?

    And since when does a prior warrant void a victim’s right to prompt, appropriate, and excellent medical attention?

    I’m sad to see that there are still people in this world who look at a rape victim and see a ‘whore’, or somehow justify it by saying that she ‘asked for it’. What a horribly male-centric way of life.

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