Not another Saddam Hussein snuff video!

Not another Saddam Hussein video

I was browsing the website and find myself with the following article, Video apparently showing Hussein wounds emerges. Yes, ANOTHER Saddam Hussein snuff video! Just what the world needs – more violence.

(CNN) — A new video apparently showing Saddam Hussein after his execution with a gaping neck wound and facial bruising is posted on the Internet.

The footage, which appeared Monday, shows the former Iraqi dictator, apparently still wearing the white shirt and black coat he was hanged in, lying on a gurney covered with a white sheet.

The 27-second videotape, posted on, shows the camera approaching the gurney and someone pulling back the sheet to reveal the left side of Hussein’s head.

In an accompanying audio track, one man appears to be urging the other to take a quick look and then leave.

Visit the above link and read the exchange, it is beyond shameless. In other words, it seems Saddam’s execution was the hottest ticket of the year in Iraq.

I’m really tired of this Saddam video bullshit. Instead of letting him rot in a jail cell and fall into oblivion, he will now achieve martyrdom status. We have a bonafide war criminal and what do we do? We hang him like if it were a bad Wild West cowboy movie. Just because the prick deserved to die does not mean we have to reduce ourselves to the proverbial medieval mob.

The neocons and insane right-wingers that visit my site on occasion (thanks for visiting by the way!) think that because I wanted Saddam to be tried in a just and fair manner, in accordance to the same international law he broke, makes me a Saddam supporter. This is stupid. This does not make me a “traitor”. Just because I disagree with this madness does not mean I am on the other side. And now, people in the Middle East will look at the horrible way this has been handled and think, these people are not any better: new devil, meet the old devil.

When we have an opportunity to redeem ourselves, we screw it up. Which reminds me, the international community has not reacted favorably to Saddam’s execution:

BBC: Saddam Hanged: Reactions in quotes

Dar Al-Hayat, Lebanon: Saddam’s Death Will ‘Double the Pain’

Arab View, Saudi Arabia: U.S. Double Standards are Fueling Arab Hate

The Age, Australia: New Year, Same Old Bloody Results

Which also reminds me, this is another colossal screw up by Bush. I know I have mentioned this before, but instead of showing the world that we really are better – as in more noble – in demonstrating the power and dignity of the rule of law that fully democratic countries enjoy, we allow the execution of a war criminal to get completely out of control. Or maybe, just maybe, we never really had control over what happens in Iraq in the first place. Not even Prime Minister Maliki wants to control the chaos that is Iraq:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has made clear he dislikes being the country’s leader and would prefer to leave the job before his term ends.

In an extensive interview with a US newspaper, Mr Maliki said he would certainly not be seeking a second term.

A compromise choice, his tenure has been plagued by factional strife within both the country and government, and rumours the US has no faith in him.

“I wish I could be done with it even before the end of this term,” he said.

“I didn’t want to take this position,” he told the Wall Street Journal. “I only agreed because I thought it would serve the national interest, and I will not accept it again.”

You may have heard in Greek mythology of the Midas touch – everything King Midas touched turned to gold. It seems president Bush also has a certain kind of Midas touch – everything he touches seems to turn into shit.

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  4. Bob Dog says:

    Saddam was executed not because of the war crimes he committed. He was executed because he could testify as to US involvement during the 1980s when Rumsfeld, Cheney and many other current neo-convicts were selling WMDs to Saddam for use against the Iranians, and for selling Saddam intelligence (satellite, spying, etc.) to target those weapons effectively.

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