Save the planet, or Saddam will kill you

Mushroom cloud

Of course, global warming as the end of life as we know it is not as dramatic as say, a nuclear mushroom cloud courtesy of Saddam Hussein, but we need to get our collective shit together or else a lot of people are going to suffer and die needlessly:

In 10 years time it will be too late to reverse the effects of global warming, a climate change expert warned yesterday.

Scientist Jim Hansen – one of the first to start alarm bells ringing in 1988 – said that unless cuts in pollution started happening within the next decade we would reach the “tipping point” where the damage could not be undone.

He added: “Half the people in the world live within 15 miles of a coastline. A large fraction of the major cities are on coastlines.

“Once you get the process started and well on the way, it’s impossible to prevent it.

“That’s why we need to address the issue before it gets out of control. We just cannot burn all the fossil fuels in the ground.

“If we do, we will end up with a planet with no ice in the Arctic and where warming is so large that it’s going to have a large effect in terms of sea level rises and the extinction of species.”

Oh wait, Saddam just died, so I guess we can leave that climate change nonsense behind us and leave it to people like Al Gore.

2 Responses to Save the planet, or Saddam will kill you

  1. Fernando says:

    Have you seen KFKAK’s blog. You two share a lot of interests.

  2. truly.equal says:

    Yes I did… though I post mostly news articles with brief commentary while KFKAK writes better thought-out commentary. Still a good blog, and the hard work shows!

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