Darfur in Crisis, Still

I think it was Senator Russ Feingold that mentioned on Meet the Press that the while the U.S. pours billions into Iraq, Somalia receives around 1-2 million dollars a year in foreign aid. You just can’t ignore other crisis in the world while hoping that they go away. Darfur really, REALLY, needs a U.S. intervention:

Almost four years after conflict broke out in Darfur, calls are being made for greater efforts to resolve the predicament in this western region of Sudan.

During an event marking International Human Rights Day Dec. 8, outgoing United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan reiterated that the world can, and must intensify the drive to address violence in Darfur.

Renewed fighting has been taking place in the region over the past two months, and aid agencies warn that this is causing thousands of civilians to flee into mountainous areas where they are cut off from assistance. Sudan’s government has clashed with a coalition of rebels that failed to sign the Darfur Peace Agreement in May 2006 in the Nigerian capital, Abuja — the National Redemption Front.

Why does the world continue to ignore Darfur? The whole world has plenty of evidence of a genocide in Darfur, yet where are they? In Iraq. Talk about priorities. To put some of this in context, Osama bin Laden was LIVED and OPERATED in Somalia for years before 9/11.

2 Responses to Darfur in Crisis, Still

  1. Layla Gonzalez says:

    I checked out your link and I will be doing a write up on it pointing out that you lead me to this link. True or not-I will not let this go because I do not like being spammed. Guess turtles evolve faster than you give them credit for! Since what you point out in the link you provided me-though we may disagree on issues-like it or not -you saved me from ‘some’ embarrassment – that deserves a thank you.

    Come by again–I enjoy differing viewpoints–could due without some of the innuendos, but hey, life is fun and unlike our television hosts-politicians et al, we might be able to agree if on only one thing- to agree to disagree.

    Best regards and Happy New Year! 🙂


  2. An interesting turn of events and I hate being spa

    In a previous post I wrote on John Kerry being stuck by the troops in Iraq. I showed you all the below picture that was emailed me with a link to Scott Hennens site HotTalk. Later Powerline Blog and Michelle Malkin caught on to the picture and …

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