Climate Change Clash in Africa

This is an intriguing article linking conflict, the arms trade, poverty, disease and climate change all into one. Think this is far-fetched? Welcome to the real world, where everything is interconnected. The title, “Climate Change Clash in Africa” is not just change in the environment:

It’s been a bloody first half of the dry season in Uganda’s Karamoja region. October to February is the time when grass turns brittle, mud dries and cracks, and competition for scarce resources increases. More than 40 people have died in recent weeks in fighting between Karimojong warriors and the Ugandan Army in the arid northeast of the country.

The semi-nomadic Karimojong are pastoralists who protect their cows, violently if necessary. The warriors are well-armed, and this has put them on a collision course with Uganda’s government. But the recent clashes are a symptom of more universal problems.

As elsewhere in Africa, the population in eastern Uganda continues to grow as the environment deteriorates, putting more and more pressure on a land that grows ever drier. At a United Nations conference on climate change held in neighboring Kenya last month, environmentalists warned that Africa would bear the brunt of global warming.

With more people forced to share fewer resources, experts warn that conflict will increase. “Climate change will hit pastoral communities very hard,” says Grace Akumu, executive director of environmental pressure group Climate Network Africa. “The conflict is already getting out of hand and we are going to see an increase in this insecurity.”


5 Responses to Climate Change Clash in Africa

  1. ladarzak says:

    It seems that link you gave linked to this ‘Lost Girls’ in U.S. Struggle to Find Their Way and I don’t see the phrase “climate change” in there. I am interested.

  2. truly.equal says:

    Linked is fixed. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

  3. ladarzak says:

    Having read the story, it’s the same old story, with the climate change aspect of environmental over-use thrown into the mix. Some activist in there blames the USA and some commenter is sick of the USA being blamed. I agree that blaming the USA is not helpful, even though I’m from Canada. 😉 I’m not sure what captured your attention with that one, because to me the fact that climate change has social/political impacts is obvious to me. We will be seeing many more stories like this in the next years, until we (if we) deal with the carbon/climate issue.

    Then again there are the deniers and the people who think as long as you re-engineer your subjective personal world, “who cares?” about the rest of the world.

    I’m not too sympathetic to the problems we create for our own species. It disturbs me much more what happens to other species. In Zaire, very near where this story is set live the bonobos or pygmy chimps, and nowhere else in the world. They have been affected by conflicts in Uganda in the past. For survival, people are hunting the bonobos to eat, “bush meat.” I understand why they do it, but it amazes me that we as humans have not got it together to 1/ protect the natural world we live within, 2/ choose a way of life which limits human population, 3/ stop fighting, ffs.

    Here’s a good link about the bonobos

  4. hey says:

    US, is obviously a big cause of Global Warming, and because it has the most influence throughout the world, it needs to improve it’s approach to this issue. Without the US, on the side of stopping global warming, Global warming will continue. We need the US’ cooperation in this as well as all the other developed countries. Developed countries are the main cause of global warming and they must developing countries that are mostly affected because they can’t help themselves.

  5. hey says:

    and seriously, I am fucking tired of all the wars in the world. Like, fucking grow up, children act better than these fucking war lords and governments. Also, men, and I am a man myself, should not be government leaders. They are pompous assholes, who can’t calm down. They are always in the heat of action. This is just a general statement, I’m not sayin this for all men. I’m just tired of the bullshit. Stop fighting and learn to share, children.

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