3,000 U.S. soldiers dead by Christmas 2006

Well Dubya, chalk another one to your growing list of “accomplishments”:

– 96 American soldiers killed in December 2006
– 2,983 total U.S. soldiers killed thus far
– over 25,000 U.S. soldiers injured

Heck of a job, ain’t it?


6 Responses to 3,000 U.S. soldiers dead by Christmas 2006

  1. boardrman says:

    here’s another one for ya, 350 million americans still living thanks to the brave mene and women fighting for us. put that number up there and i would say its a pretty good percentage of dead to living.

    oh yea, don’t forget about september 11.

  2. So boardman, you still have Iraq responsible for 9-11?

    Back to the topic of the post. Bush seems to only be good at being wrong.

  3. i’m a vet and i don’t think the Pres has done a good job… the economy sucks and the war (while being a huge one-sided military victory against the Iraqi Army) hasn’t been successful against Al-Qaeda.

    the thing that worries me the most is people like boardrman who “support” troops but refuse to do their homework… i wish boardrman and those like him would read the 9-11 commission report and find out that Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. that might save some of us brave fighting men and women.

    and it’s also interesting to note that more Soldiers died in the first year of the Iraq War than in the first year of Vietnam. look it up.

  4. Layla Gonzalez says:

    brandonpennington says the economy sucks. Have you check the Dow or other the Wall Street Journal? As for Dubya, he has made many mistakes and Iraq is a disaster. But on that note we have more people being murdered by illegal alliens here in the U.S. that totaled in the Iraq war.

  5. DemVet says:

    Gonzalez, name one credible source for that outrageous statement about illegal “aliens.” If you can’t put up then shut up. With your name you remind me of the gay bashers filled with self-hatred, ashamed to admit their own gayness.

  6. yeah layla, big business and corporations are doing fine–the Dow and WallStreet are indicators of their progress. show me how he’s helped the middle class.

    also, i’m with DemVet–any facts to go with that?

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