Updated: Best cover of the year goes to Esquire Magazine

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Esquire magazine cover

Make that best articles as well. From the current Esquire Magazine, “The Meaning of Life”:

I could be perfectly fine without kids. If my wife wants kids, that’s fine, too. It’s not an issue because of this. But I plan on wearing my prosthetics most all the time. And if I have those on, I’m not going to be able to carry my kids. I can’t really bend over because it’ll throw my balance off. So I’m not going to be able to pick up my kids. So you’re walking through the park and they don’t want to walk, they want to be carried. Sorry, I can’t do it. I’ve thought about that a lot. It’s going to be hard.

He just lost 3 limbs, but is still upbeat about life, about accomplishing more in life – his life did not stop. He must be courageous to pose in the cover of a magazine like that – not because of his amputee status, but because the right wing will go out of his way to get him and smear him.

If this magazine cover does not stop you in your tracks, nothing will.


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20 Responses to Updated: Best cover of the year goes to Esquire Magazine

  1. Ronin says:

    Wow someone who doesn’t feel the world owes him something. He could easily play the victim role and would quickly be picked up by politicians hoping to embarrass the President and work up the anti war, anti military crowd. But he did none of it, instead he faces his challenges like a man and looks forward not backward. I think the magazine made an excellent choice. We could all use more positive role models.

  2. Fred Farkle says:

    Bush SHOULD be embarrassed and humiliated beyond belief!! He has sent these kids
    to Iraq for nothing but oil and to install military bases. This is complete utter crap and
    there are thousands more like this “victim” and now almost 3,000 dead kids because
    the idiot in charge and his Dark Overlord Cheney insist that Iraq had everything to do
    with 9/11 when in fact it had nothing to do with terrorism. Anyone that thinks different
    needs to enlist and go fight if they feel so strongly and believe anything Bush or his moron
    administration tells us. Nothing but lies on top of lies. I hope these bastards are charged
    with treason and hung like they deserve to be!!!

  3. John Clavis says:

    I think we owe this man, if nothing else, arms and legs that will allow him to pick up and carry his kids. If we can create “bunker-busters” and a $5 million diamond bra, we should be able to give this guy a hand… I mean a leg up… I mean… aw, hell, you know what I mean.

  4. Steve says:

    Yes he truly is an inspiration. How do we help the other vets who may not have his ability to face their challenges? I am not sure but may be we could start with the 300,000 homless vets?

  5. Robert Anderson says:

    Bryan Anderson is a man. The men who sent him to iraq are not. They are supreme cowards. Awol Bush and five draft deferments Cheney. They propably don’t even have the courage to look at the Esquire cover.

    As for Mr. Anderson, I know it’s not the same, but I would carry his kids anywhere anytime.

    War will end when those who profit from it are cut out of the loop. Eisenhower warned us.

  6. name says:

    He could easily play the victim role and would quickly be picked up by politicians hoping to embarrass the President and work up the anti war, anti military crowd.

    Yea like those poor swift boat guys!

  7. truly.equal says:

    What gets me is that the extreme right-wing will try to chew him up for speaking out…

  8. eyespi20 says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. This man deserves more out of life than he’s asking for. He’s given so much!

    As I’ve been saying for months now, the US does not belong in Iraq as a military presence. We need to pull the soldiers out and send the builders in and get to rebuilding the country we destroyed. Give the Iraquis thier lives back!


  9. Mohammed says:

    Are you an Amerikan who came to my country to try to kill me, my son, my father and my brother? Are you one of the Amerikans who I, my son, my father and my brother stopped before you were able to kill any more of us? Were you defending your country? No, you were not. It was I who was defending my country, from you, a soldier from a foreign land who was trained to kill me, my father, my son and my brother, or anyone who resisted your invasion and occupation of my country.

  10. John Clavis says:

    Mohammed, the soldier you see on the magazine cover had nothing against you or your family. He agreed to do the bidding of our political leaders, and our current leaders failed him and America by sending him and his brothers in arms to the wrong place for the wrong reasons.

    If a fire is started by a cruel villain, or by a child, or by a lunatic, it’s still a fire that needs brave and capable firefighters to put it out. Bush started the fire in Iraq, not the soldiers. Bryan Anderson didn’t want to occupy your country. He was doing his duty. It’s such a shame that he served under such a poor and inadequate Commander-in-Chief.

  11. truly.equal says:

    Mohammed, believe it or not, most of us feel the same way…

    It is NOT that it is OK to kill North Americans – it is not OK to kill Iraqis either, or anyone else for that matter – but that the U.S. is there without any reason whatsoever. The only reason that mattered was getting rid of Saddam Hussein, and he is gone now… so why is the U.S. in Iraq again?

  12. DemVet says:

    Mohammed, if I felt for one moment that our Idiot-in-Chief had a valid reason for invading and occupying your country I would be angry at your anger. But as a retired Naval officer and veteran of the Vietnam debacle I’m fed up with the Bush/Cheney cabal ongoing lies and deceit. You have every right to be outraged. And I’ve earned my right to feel empathy and compassion for Bryan Anderson on the one hand while condemning in no uncertain terms this catastrophic war on the other.
    Please keep needling our conscience.

  13. Only a heartless soulless person would go after him for what he said and for being on the cover of the mag. Sadly we seem to have more of those heartless and soulless sorts of people in our country than we used to. If they want to go after him, they could at least help him carry his future children first.

  14. MiRRoRMaN says:

    War, what is it good for.

    Absolutely nothing.

  15. Gracie says:

    Thanks for sharing this poignant story, I echo your comments in that if this picture doesn’t stir up emotions, nothing will.

    This makes me either want to scream in frustration or curl up and weep. Will this madness ever end? How many more will lose limbs and ultimately their lives as the war profiteers rake in the money?

    I feel sick.

  16. 1Greensix says:

    This vet has NOTHING to worry about. I’m sure Halliburton has already offered him a cushie job with a seven figure income. Cheney would make sure of that, wouldn’t he?

  17. I’ve never read Esquire but it looks interesting.

  18. […] Truly Equal nominates the best magazine cover of the year and takes the words right out of my mouth: “If this magazine cover does not stop you in your tracks, nothing will.” […]

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