Small nuclear war could severely cool the planet

Here are some scary news, in case you are not convinced we should get rid of all nuclear weapons:

A regional nuclear war between Third World nations could trigger planetwide cooling that would likely ravage agriculture and kill millions of people, scientists reported Monday.

[…]Scientists, reporting their findings at the American Geophysical Conference in San Francisco, said vast urban firestorms ignited by war would send thick, dark clouds into the upper atmosphere, blocking the sun’s rays and cooling much of the planet, with severe climatic and agricultural results.

The soot might remain in the upper atmosphere for up to a decade.

“All hell would break loose,” said Prof. Richard Turco of UCLA’s department of atmospheric and ocean sciences.

In some places, the planet could cool more than it did during the so-called Little Ice Age of the 17th century, when glaciers advanced over much of northern Europe, said Alan Robock of Rutgers University, speaking Monday at a news conference at the Moscone Center, where the conference is being held this week.

The planet could cool more, and agriculture would be impossible. Now no one believes a nuclear war could start soon, but the neocons – those crazed, power-hungry maniacs – are actually so ignorant that they think they have to push that button.

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