Lets Stop the Bomblex!

While president Bush certainly has to deal with a lot of urgent matters (besides his screw-ups I mean), this is something he should not even get close to:

This administration is currently pushing a plan – the Complex 2030 plan – to ramp up activities at nuclear weapons sites around the country.

This is on the heels of North Korea claiming they have a nuclear bomb, and these assholes want to ramp up nuclear weapons? You have got to be kidding me, but that is the Bush administration for ya!

According to Physicians for Social Responsibility:

In the Complex 2030 plan this administration has proposed a new $5 billion facility to build the next generation of nuclear weapons. Some local leaders in your area are already arguing that this new plant will create jobs and spur economic development. But the U.S. can create jobs without building the next generation of nuclear weapons that would escalate the arms race and pose a greater threat to our planet.

Current and retired nuclear workers have suffered from cancers, beryllium disease and many others conditions. We all suffer psychological harm from living in the shadow of the mushroom cloud. If these dangerous weapons were ever used, it would be the ultimate medical catastrophe. The U.S. government has moral and legal obligations to eliminate its nuclear weapons, not build new ones.

Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR) is one kick-ass group, and they won the 1985 Nobel Peace Prize just in case you doubt their credentials.

But pray tell, what can one do about the Complex 2030 plan? More from PSR:

The Department of Energy will soon begin preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for its Complex 2030 plan to revitalize the nation’s nuclear weapons complex. This is the first step in a process established by the National Environmental Policy Act which requires the government to study the impacts of any new major project. As part of this process, DOE will be accepting public comments on the scope of its research on the impacts of the Complex 2030 plan.

[…]The Energy Department is currently accepting comments on the environmental impacts of its Complex 2030 plan. This gives us an opportunity to let our leaders know that this proposal is a step in the wrong direction. The deadline for public comment on this dangerous plan to revitalize the nuclear weapons complex is January 17th, 2006. Please use PSR’s sample comments to develop your own message to the DOE in the space provided. Tell this administration that we do not need new nuclear weapons!

(all emphasis is mine)

So there you have it – visit the “Stop the Bomblex” website and then take action!

5 Responses to Lets Stop the Bomblex!

  1. CLLucas says:

    But what the “stop bombplex” people don’t understand is that We (US) hasn’t developed ANY new nuclear weapons or weapons delivery systems or weapons in almost 30 years. Russia however, continues to develop and upgrade, while we haven’t since hey, after all……”Russia is our friend now right?” If you don’t keep up with the Joneses the Joneses, the Joneses will kill you. But that’s hard to imagine since everyone is supposed to be all “Peace love and happiness….” which is great if submissive weakness had a history of success…..

  2. truly.equal says:

    Really? No new nuclear weapons delivery systems in almost 30 years? That you know of that is. Remember the small, “bunker buster” nukes that the Pentagon wanted to try out in Iran?

    The U.S. has developed nuclear weapons, but they are not going to tell you about it.

  3. Vanna LaRoche says:

    Watch for it to be cloaked in the Nuclear Power Shield of Invisible Weapons Development–you know, the kind of thing we accuse Iran of doing.

    CLLucas, you sucking piece of stupidity. You should gag on a radiation-caused thyroid tumor.

  4. truly.equal says:

    Matter of fact, if it were not for Physicians for Human Rights, I would have never even heard about it. This has “Dick Cheney” all over it…

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