What we shouldn’t do anymore, anywhere, to women.

China, this is NOT how you help women. This is straight out of the Middle Ages:

SHANGHAI, Dec. 12 — For people who saw the event on television earlier this month, the scene was like a chilling blast from a past that is 30 years distant: social outcasts and supposed criminals — in this case 100 or so prostitutes and a few pimps — paraded in front of a jeering crowd, their names revealed, and then driven away to jail without trial.

The act of public shaming was intended as the first step in a two-month campaign by the authorities in the southern city of Shenzhen to crack down on prostitution.

This is a picture from the “event”:
What we shouldn’t do anymore, anywhere

Here’s more:

But the event has prompted an angry nationwide backlash, with many people making common cause with the prostitutes over the violation of their human rights and expressing outrage in one online forum after another.

So-called rectification campaigns, or struggle sessions, like these were everyday occurrences during the Cultural Revolution, which officially ended in 1976.

[…]Another asked, “Isn’t this a brutal violation of human rights?” Likening the parading to an act out of the Middle Ages, he added, “Shenzhen’s image has been deeply shamed.”

2 Responses to What we shouldn’t do anymore, anywhere, to women.

  1. Dave says:

    if you think this is bad, you should see how they treated this woman. She wasn’t guilty of any crime. :


    I can’t believe the communist party in China behaves this way. I hope they grow up soon.

    – Dave

  2. truly.equal says:

    Thank you for your comments.

    Her story is truly horrifying. However, we won’t know anytime soon the fate of these 100 detainees, who were arrested pretty much without any reason.

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